History of the breed

The Giant Papillon was first recognised as a breed in the UK in 1994, and is accepted here in all recognised colours.

The breed is French in origin, and whilst considered a rare variety in the UK, is well known across Europe and USA also known as Checkered Giant.



The Giant papillon is a very large rabbit and needs large accomodation and room to exercise. They make great pets and can be kept both indoors or in suitable outdoor housing. The desired adult weight ranges from 5-6kg (11 -13 1/2 lbs).But there is no specified maximum weight.


Esther Verhoef Verhollen (2006) in her encyclopedia of rabbits and rodents describes the breed as a very calm rabbit,even tempered, friendly pets. They appear to take well to handling, and enjoy opportunities to run and play. Despite their size they can make great pets for both adults and children, although small children will need adult supervision and assistance to handle / carry the rabbits.


Whilst all colours are accepted in the UK, Giant Papillons are most commonly seen in Black, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac. Other colours do exist.


 The Giant Papillon is one of only 11 breeds with defined markings. Body type markings differ between European and American Checkered Giants, although they are considered the same breed.

The markings desired for a show rabbit are difficult to achieve, but 'mismarked' rabbits can still make great pets.

In each litter there are likely to be some rabbits of 'solid' colour without white, and some rabbits which are largely white with fewer coloured patches - often including a moustache like marking on the nose. These are known as 'charlies'. These 'solids' and 'charlies' are of course still pure bred giant papillons and are other wise the same. They are unsuitable for showing but still make great pets.

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